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Making Magic

Learn 21 magic tricks that you can perform! Fred Becker selected twenty-one of his favorite tricks that fit a party, a dinner table, a classroom or an office setting and wrote them up in a book. Take center stage at your next gathering and amaze the group with some of these outstanding tricks of the magicians’ trade!

In this book, there are card tricks, vanishing items, and astonishing mind reading stunts. Fred will send you some of the necessary “magic” items, but most of the tricks utilize things your already have around you! This is a perfect introduction to the world of magic.

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Svengali Pro Deck

With our Svengali Pro deck of cards you can perform some of the most stunning and baffling card tricks in the world. And yet, you’ll be able master the technique without years and years of practice. How? Two reasons, the cards are gimmicked in such a way to totally fool the spectator, AND Fred Becker will teach you 15 professional level tricks with the cards in video lessons right here in the clubhouse, so that you can see exactly how the trick looks and how to perform it in detail.

* The cards themselves are of the highest quality, made by the US Playing Card Co. 

Cards and Video Instruction only $30.00

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Mysterious Rising Wand

This is a great beginning trick! With this magic wand you can make it move in a mysterious manner almost like it has a mind of its own!

The wand comes with 6 individual tricks of its own, and of course is an important accessory for every magical performer! Order yours today!

Only $5.00

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